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Walking In Your Destiny – Moving Through Fear

What is the dream, goal or passion in your life that needs encouragement to take flight? Every one has a story, gift or talent waiting to be unfolded in his or her life.

God has created every person’s life with a unique purpose. He has filled that life with gifts and talents to use and share with family, friends, and the local and global community.

One of the key reasons dreams never take flight, goals are put on a shelf or passions become cold is FEAR.

I am so excited to be a co-author of this book along with 16 other amazing women from different cities, provinces and states each with their own unique story and dreams.

Whether you are young or mature in years, I pray you will be inspired and encouraged by this book, to live your dreams, moving through the fear and walking in your destiny.

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Walking in Your Destiny - Moving Through Fear